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International Men’s Day 2021: 10 Products to pamper and groom your man this International Men’s Day - pinkvilla - By  Rishika Shah

International Men’s Day 2021: 10 Products to pamper and groom your man this International Men’s Day - pinkvilla - By Rishika Shah

Nov 19, 2021

Sandeep Nair

International Men’s Day 2021: 10 Products to pamper and groom your man this International Men’s Day

International Men's Day is a global holiday celebrated annually on November 19 to recognise and celebrate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of men. This International Men’s Day, let’s celebrate the men in our lives who love and support us. Gift your man a pampering or a grooming session with these amazing products. 

The Man Company Derma Roller + Beard Growth Serum

Gift your man a well-grown, bushy beard with this set. The Derma Roller is a scientifically-backed product that has chromium needles specifically designed to create micro punctures on the scalp and beard. These tiny pore openings created by Derma Roller activates elevated absorption of serum and essential oils. Regular use can effectively invigorate the sleeping follicles to re-energise. It also penetrates the blood circulation and supply of collagen, thereby impressively improving the growth and health of the scalp and beard. The Caffeine Beard Growth Serum itself is a powerful product to activate beard growth. However, pairing it with Derma Roller can compellingly enhance its productivity.

Price: Rs.999

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Zlade Ballistic Luxury Gift Box 

Your man’s manhood needs to be protected and this gift box will do just that! It contains a private part trimmer for men specifically designed to shave the most intimate parts of the body, even on and around the private parts. The safest trimmer around, to protect his manhood and his crown jewels, literally ballistic! It also has an intimate wash formulated to wash off all the dirt and bad odour from down there, keeping him fresh and ready to go, an intimate cologne gel made to keep him fresh and odour-free at all times.

Price: Rs.4499

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iGrid Nose Hair Trimmer For Men 

Make sure your man is always groomed with this nose trimmer that has a high-quality stainless steel cutter blade head, with 360 degree high-speed rotation, and trims without pinching, and is a precise fit to the contour of the skin. This rechargeable trimmer has three replaceable blade heads for various uses. He can use it to trim nose hair, ear hair, eyebrow, body hair and carve hair style. The water-resistant design will allow him to use this trimming tool in the shower. 

Price: Rs.749

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iGrid Blackhead Remover 

No one likes a man who doesn’t look after himself. Your man will always look fresh and presentable with this deep cleansing pore cleaner that uses vacuum technology to remove dirt and impurities and promote circulation for a healthy glow in the skin. It effectively removes blackheads, dead skin cells, impurities and promotes a brighter and an even complexion. It Includes 3 interchangeable vacuum adaptors for different areas of the face and 5 adjustable intensity levels suitable for all skin types. After fully charging, it can last 180 minutes.

Price: Rs.1699

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King C. Gillette Men’s Beard Wash 

Growing a beard is fun but maintaining it is a task. Make the entire process easy for your man with this beard and face wash helps to deeply cleanse the skin underneath the beard and will instantly make him feel refreshed. Infused with the goodness of argan oil, coconut water and avocado oil, this product cleanses, refreshes and conditions the beard. Additionally, this light and refreshing beard and face wash forms a rich lather which rinses away easily leaving the skin feeling fresh and clean all day. The deep conditioning formula in this product, helps soothe dryness and irritation of the skin beneath the hair by preventing itchiness by cleaning and hydrating the facial hair and skin.

Price: Rs.849

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WiZ Activated Charcoal Spa Body Wash 

Gift your man a luxurious bathing experience with this body wash that will replenish the skin and energise him each time he takes a shower. The natural moisturising ingredients give the finishing look and feel of the body. Each lather is to wash and clear off the germs and will make him feel refreshed. The oil extracts are the hidden formulae in each drop to remove the germs with ease, and the floral extract is for exfoliating the skin post bathing.

Price: Rs.450

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WiZ Dark Night Body Deodorant Spray 

A strong and romantic fragrance that will surely captivate his mind and soul while leaving him moisturised for a long time. It brings an extremely refreshing and gratifying woody fragrance that will transform his tiring day into a cheerful night. He will present a sense of elegance and seduction on every date, with this deo. It is suitable for all seasons, and contains moisturising components and fights odour causing bacteria.

Price: Rs.170

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The Man Company Deodorant Set 

This Men’s Day, ensure that your man is always feeling fresh and energised by gifting him this set of no-gas perfumes. The no gas body deodorants set for men come with a fresh fragrance that is long lasting. This fragrance is perfect for your man to enjoy a stress-free day and feel energised. It comprises 4 unique fragrances to match your man’s every mood! The beauty of these fragrances is that they are not too overpowering and are carefully formulated to provide a long-lasting blissful experience. 

Price: Rs.1187

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King C. Gillette Men’s Transparent Shave Gel 

Your man will always have smooth edges and sharp shaves with this no-foaming, transparent shave gel that provides maximum visibility while shaving thus protecting the skin from razor cuts and other skin irritations. Infused with white tea extracts, it will give him a smooth beard. This shave gel is super easy to use and rinses away easily. Enriched with Aloe Vera, this transparent shave gel helps lock in the moisture to keep the skin hydrated and smooth throughout the day, which works perfectly well with the Peppermint oil, to provide a fresh feeling to the skin.

Price: Rs.499

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King C. Gillette Men’s Soft Beard Balm 

Now your man’s beard will always be soft and groomed with this beard balm. It is a must-have to prevent beard frizz and patchiness. It helps maintain a healthy beard that your man can flaunt in every style! Scented with bergamot, geranium and cedarwood this beard balm is sure to leave the beard smelling great and him feeling refreshed. The lightweight soft creamy texture of the product helps it spread evenly and work thoroughly into the beard. The deep conditioning formula makes the beard look and feel touchable, soft and healthy, and will allow him to style it better. Formulated with rich cocoa butter, shea butter and argan oil, this product helps moisturise the beard ensuring it remains in shape and style always.

Price: Rs.764

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