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Personal Grooming: Have You Tried These Easy Tips Yet? - News 18 - By Lifestyle Desk

Personal Grooming: Have You Tried These Easy Tips Yet? - News 18 - By Lifestyle Desk

Dec 10, 2021

Sandeep Nair

Grooming is no longer associated with gender roles, but rather with self-care, self-awareness, and confidence. Though it is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is necessary to keep oneself looking fresh and presentable. Personal grooming not only boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem, but it also ensures that you stay away from poor hygiene that can lead to tooth decay, lung problems, and skin diseases.

Based on inputs given to Times of India by Manisha Reetesh Dhingra, Co-Founder, WiZ Care here is a list of some must-know tips on personal care and hygiene that everyone should pay attention to:


While it’s a no-brainer to wash your face twice a day with a gentle face wash, it’s also critical to drink enough water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables to keep the body nourished. If you wear makeup, make sure to take it off before going to bed, and wear sunscreen whenever you leave the house. Furthermore, do not jeopardise your beauty sleep. Take a seven- to eight-hour siesta without being disturbed. To avoid acne, skin rashes, or respiratory concerns, always sleep on clean pillows, pillow covers, mattress, and comforter/blanket.


If you can’t maintain your long mane, give it a trim. Because you’ll be oiling and shampooing your hair on a frequent basis, choose a haircut that complements your face and lifestyle. Depending on the oil or moisture content of your hair, shampoo and condition it at least twice or thrice a week with good quality products that suit your hair type. To minimise hair breakage, always use a good combing accessory, and don’t forget to oil or apply a hair mask on a regular basis to provide crucial nutrients to your hair roots.


Fragrance is the first rule of excellent hygiene. Bathe on a regular basis with a pleasant-smelling body wash or shower gel. It will refresh your body and mind while also keeping you clean and fresh. Strong fragrances or deodorants should be avoided because they can cause discomfort to those around you. Always go for aromas that complement your style, mood or occasion.


Personal cleanliness does not necessitate the wearing of luxury clothing and footwear. Only clean clothing is required. To seem crisp and classy, wearing clothing and footwear that are clean, comfortable, and appropriate for the occasion is far more important. Make sure your clothing is ironed and your shoes and socks are clean and polished because appearance speaks for itself.