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WiZ Care and its culture

WiZ Care and its culture

Aug 19, 2021

Sandeep Nair

Why does organizational culture matter? Culture is the character and personality of your organization. It makes your business unique and is the sum of its values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes. Culture is simple and it is about what people do when no one is watching. It plays an important role in the early stage of a company. You can create great products but if your organization lacks core values, you can't bring out the true potential of your brand. At WiZ Care, culture ties back to the mission statement of our brand which says - "We care for your good health, hygiene & happiness". This mission comes naturally to us and starts from our work place, for our WiZ family. We ensure the happiness of our team from the time they work in the office or during this COVID situation where it is completely work from home.

Care is the most important factor for us as it interrelates to our products and services deliverables. It results in people bonding together and working collectively for the well-being of the organization. It is beyond sales, consumers and products. We care for giving our employees a right work environment and space. For instance, we have two restrooms in our office; one for employees and the other for managers. We ensured our admin team (all girls) to use the managers' rest room rather than the common one for which we had to pay extra but that's the way we work! Since we have all girls in our admin team, I make special effort to connect with each one of them and listen to their apprehensions. At times, a good conversation just makes all the difference. We always try to establish a position of caring that facilitates motivation and growth.

WiZ follows an open culture that includes listening and entertaining questions as well as suggestions. There is no hierarchy; everyone can speak their mind as per their merit and credibility. We have managers who look after different departments having leverage of controlling as per what they think could be right for the organization.

When I joined the organization, I questioned "Why do we need distributors?" when WiZ has potential to sell its own products. We eliminated the middlemen at an early stage so that we can create a better relationship with our customers. With a team of dedicated girls, we established our online sales on all the platforms available such as Amazon, Flipkart, India Mart, Trade India, Nykaa, Purplle and our own website Our team gets direct response from the customers and works on better CRM in that aspect.

Our goal synchronizes with our vision "Be clean, be happy!" and the other foremost is all about the purpose of enabling women. At WiZ Care, it has always been a conscious and deliberate effort to hire women employees. We strongly believe in the ideology which says - To empower women is to make her financially independent. From our Manufacturing Unit to the Admin Team, we have an amazing strength of women endeavoring for the growth of our brand. WiZ keeps no stone unturned in terms of creating a clean and friendly workspace for its women team.

Integrity is the foundation of trust and confidence. It is all about DOING IT RIGHT! WiZ Care believes that all successful businesses are built on relationships and qualities such as honesty, transparency, and trust which help maintaining better relationships. We all come from a cultural background where God and core values play integral role. We celebrate all of our Indian festivals with great enthusiasm and feasts where dressing up goes without saying. When there is happiness and comfort at the workspace, success prevails automatically.