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Nature-Kissed Beauty Brands this World Environment Day - GlobalSpa

Nature-Kissed Beauty Brands this World Environment Day - GlobalSpa

Jun 01, 2021

Sandeep Nair

This World Environment Day, create your own clean beauty box with these brands who are doing their bit towards a greener and sustainable future, this, and every year. From sustainably sourced ingredients to mindfully crafted packaging and products, these are the 22 reigning brands advocating for clean and green beauty at every step.

Love Organically

The brand not only reduces, resuses, and recycles, but also processes natural ingredients. Their products like Kumkumadi Saffron face gold cream, Love Veda Ubtan range, and Kumkumadi Oil, come in sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. Deepshika Deshmukh, the founder, shares that her vision is to do something and be part of a movement where skincare goes beyond just feeling or looking good but it also does well for us and for the Earth.


SkinKraft, India’s AI-driven dermatologically approved customized personal care brand, aims to be the go-to destination for everyone for their personal care needs, with the belief that customisation is going to be really big with one in three people opting for it in the next five years. The brand is paraben-free, animal cruelty-free & a clean beauty brand.


ITC Dermafique’s Bio-Cellulose Masques are made of all-natural fiber that contains good bacteria which converts glucose into nutrients that are superfoods for your skin. They are environmentally friendly since they are 100% bio-degradable. That further makes it a skincare regime with a conscience. Made with Bio cellulose fibers that are derived from 100% Natural Coconut water through Patented Technology.

Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials is an authentic, traditional skincare brand with its foundations in the ancient science of Ayurveda. Among numerous initiatives, the one that is deeply prevalent in today’s day is their aim to create and sustain an ecologically conscious environment. As much as possible, Forest Essentials sources their ingredients from local farmers who use environmentally sound farming practices and also have an organic farm. The brand is constantly looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint by focusing on using renewable plant sources in their products. September 2020, in order to make more sustainable choices and take on their responsibilities as a brand, they revamped their entire packaging and now use only recyclable PET and glass in their new packaging. They have also set up a collection facility in each of their stores across the country, where you can drop off your Forest Essentials empties (jars and bottles of both earlier and new packaging).


NIVEA has introduced its latest skincare innovation – NIVEA Naturally Good, an all-new sustainable skincare range with naturally derived ingredients. The brand has also taken a step further in partnering with SankalpTaru – a technology-enabled NGO focusing on reforestation, to plant more than 10,000 trees in the rural areas of Karnataka and Assam. Additionally, NIVEA India has curated an innovative ‘Care Box’ for this range which minimizes packaging material for deliveries and eliminates use of plastics, resulting in a hassle-free and environmentally responsible experience for shoppers. Enabling consumers to virtually adopt a tree of their own on the purchase of every NIVEA Naturally Good combo, NIVEA India aims to support the environment and help local farmers earn sustainable livelihood.


The brand offers complete head to toe solution oriented products formulated with the purest and the most nutrient rich ingredients that nature has to offer. They have become greener with sustainable packaging, better processes, and natural ingredients. This toner mist hydrates and nourishes the skin. Damask Rose distillate helps balance the skin and restore pH. The ingredients are freshly harvested and are used without any processing or refinement.


SkinQ with its Vegan, Chemical Free and Cruelty Free products take complete pride in being one of the few environment friendly formulations of this country. They work towards adapting eco-friendly packaging. SkinQ actively propagates and deeply believes in conscious consumerism as it is very important for them to evaluate that their buyer behaviour contributes to the environment which motivates the brand in return to keep producing eco-friendly products.


St Botanica is one of India’s leading homegrown and premium brands of cosmetics & healthcare products that are science endowed to bring out the best of Nature & Natural resources. The brand has been celebrating the skin & hair care revolution with products that make a significant sustainable impact. It delivers effective formulations that stay true to their promise of being clean, natural and scientific, i.e, the products are free of harmful chemicals, contain premium skin-friendly natural ingredients, and use unique, innovative and clinically approved formulations. It is also Vegan, paraben & animal cruelty-free.


Co-founder and CEO Tanvi Johari is breaking the taboo around periods by openly talking about menstrual health and working towards sustainability by introducing biodegradable products. Their Eco-Conscious Sanitary Pads are made with corn-fiber, this plant-based composition of these pads makes them naturally soft and ensures that you have a rash-free and eco-conscious period. Carmesi Menstrual Cups are FDA-Approved & Gynecologically-Approved: 100% biocompatible medical-grade silicone, the cup is ultra- soft, making it gentle and flexible for usage in regular to medium flow.


Wiz is a personal care and hygiene brand. Manisha Reetesh Dhingra, Co-Founder, Wiz says that they have made multiple changes in their process and product to minimize wastage and make the products more sustainable some of which are: reducing packing material from existing products and move to more sustainable packaging, reducing process time and fuel consumption in the process, sourcing locally all raw material and packing material in order to reduce transportation and transit time, changing formulations of existing products in order to make them biodegradable, eco friendly, and use of more plant derived products and less of synthetic chemicals.

WOW Skin Science

WOW Skin Science, a brand that has joined the sustainability bandwagon with its various initiatives such as eco-friendly packaging and refilled products. They have improved the ecological footprint by using 30% post-consumer recycled packaging. There are plans in place to work towards the goal of achieving 100% PCR packaging, reduced carbon footprint, and improved sustainability measures. Refill packs are also one of the ways WOW Skin Science is taking this eco-friendly approach.


Launched in February 2018, Arata is a community-led homegrown brand with an entire ecosystem built around the core philosophy of clean formulations, responsible practices, and sustainability. The company offers all-natural, plant-based, vegan, and chemical-free unisex skin, hair, and oral care products. Arata is the first personal care company in India to use up to 100% recycled plastic packaging across their entire product range. This World Environment Day, Arata has partnered with Grow-Trees. With every purchase of the Grow-Trees Combo on the Arata website, the brand plants a mangrove tree in the Sundarbans on the behalf of customers.


BodyCafé is a beauty and wellness brand deeply inspired by ancient home remedies known for using pure homegrown ingredients to provide holistic skin and hair care solutions devoid of any nasties or chemicals. Their range of sustainable green beauty is just what one needs to soothe the skin this summer. Choose from Eucalyptus Body Wash, Tea Tree Pore Minimising Toner, Aloe Vera Gel, and many more.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

The two decades old cult brow and makeup brand – Anastasia Beverly Hills is a cruelty free brand and are committed to 100% cruelty–free product formulation, testing and development, meaning no product is manufactured at the expense of animal testing. ABH has also invested in providing the best Vegan makeup across the categories. Their Vegan makeup products are labelled with a ‘Vegan tag’ on the product packaging. They have recently launched their Biggest summer collection called ‘ICED – OUT’ in India which is completely vegan & cruelty free featuring Brow Freeze, Highlighter, and lip gloss.


A healthy outside starts from the inside! Quite true, this has been the driving force for Ritika Krit who has recently laid the foundation stone of Kamree, an ayurvedic brand that is a name to reckon with in the health industry and an offering that is truly a blessing for all the health connoisseurs. All the products manufactured by Kamree are absolutely eco-friendly. Right from environment friendly packing to chemical free products and no animal cruelty, Kamree ensures to create innovative products that perform, whilst being respectful to our consumers and our environment.

Nourish Mantra

Nourish Mantra is proud to launch a whole new Conscious Collection, in collaboration with Plastic Collective, the Australian social enterprise, that will use planet-friendly packaging with aluminum, glass, or post-consumer recycled plastic. With values deeply rooted in sustainability and ancient traditions backed by modern science & research, Ayurveda inspired Nourish Mantra has been (since inception) using eco-friendly and ethically sourced ingredients, creating toxin-free formulations, and giving back to the community through different social programs. The Conscious Collection is being launched with two new products – Cinnamon & Hemp Divya Body Oil & Cosmic Sutra Hair Oil.

Lets shave

LetsShave, India’s front-running grooming products brand that aims to build an innovative, elite and high-quality shaving ecosystem. The company provides state-of-the-art razors for men and women, trimmers, shower and face care products for men. The brand strongly believes in green practices – its complete grooming range is Paraben and SLS free. Its products come with eco-friendly packaging that brings down the total cost of the product while contributing to environmental conservation.


India’s first natural & organic beauty brand – Soulflower is a premium beauty brand that offers a range of personal care products that are made with organic and most potent ingredients so that only the best of nature touches your skin. They are on a mission to stir up things and make a conscious change- equal parts of ethical, effective, and empowering. Their inspiration behind every product formulation is deeply rooted in natural, Ayurvedic rituals and includes purest, most potent, hand selected, and natural ingredients.


Oriflame has always shown commitment towards protecting the planet’s resources. While creating high-quality and effective products, Oriflame only uses natural extracts and each ingredient undergoes eco-ethical screening to ensure that it is safe and of superior quality. The brand ensures that none of the ingredients are derived from endangered sources. The brand has also made 76% reduction in absolute greenhouse gas emissions since 2010. Oriflame is also working toward reducing its plastic consumption and introducing high-quality, eco-friendly packaging for the betterment of the environment. Their rinse-off products are biodegradable and break down over time without harming the water bodies. The products are either self-preserving or include nature-identical preservatives.

House of Beauty

House of beauty India is a face tools & skincare company. Their face oils, serums, and toners are developed and manufactured in India, the brand is a clean beauty brand and a plastic free sustainable initiative. All of its bottles and packaging are 100% plastic free, the skincare oils and serums are sold in candy coloured glass bottles and jars. Their products & face tools are a beautiful amalgamation of advanced green chemistry and ancient techniques. They also run an all year long recycling program, whereby a customer collects our 5 bottles of oils, serums or toners, courier it back to us and we will send one free bottle of oil as a reward to participating in our RECYCLE – REUSE – REDUCE initiative.

The Body Shop

Founded in 1976 in Brighton, England, by Dame Anita Roddick, The Body Shop is a global beauty brand and a certified B CorpTM. The Body Shop seeks to make positive change in the world by offering high-quality, naturally-inspired skincare, body care, hair care and make-up produced ethically and sustainably. The Body Shop has a New Lemon Purifying And Protecting Routine is Vegan & Fully Recyclable Packaging. In 2019, The Body Shop has launched the world’s first Community Fair Trade Plastic packaging by sourcing recyclable plastic waste from waste picker communities in Bengaluru, India. With the launch of CFT Recycled Plastic, in 2019 The Body Shop also launch in-store recycling program – Bring Back Our Bottles (BBOB). Through BBOB, consumers can drop off their TBS plastic empties to their nearest store for recycling.


Observing nature as a role model, L’Occitane uses the natural properties of plants as inspiration to drive innovation. The brand aims to limit its environmental impact at every stage of the product life-cycle, from formulation to distribution in-store.  L’Occitane eco-refills are made with clever design, easy to pour and therefore replenish your favourite product. Thanks to the Eco-Refills, the brand saves up to 80% of the plastic used for the original product.


At Amrutam, both inner and outer aspects of health and beauty are acknowledged. Taking care of our environment adds to our wellness, as per Vedic texts which define Amrutam’s core values. At the very heart of their manufacturing, they make sure they use every part of their stock material after the main product is prepared. As all the ingredients they use are sourced from the earth, they are all biodegradable and easily decomposable. A large part of the residual waste is used to make manure for their herbal far as well as dhoop cones. Amrutam has also been running a recycle and reuse programme wherein their newsletters engage their 1,00,000+ Amrutam family members under the #AmrutamRecycle project initiative.