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WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS PAVING THE WAY FOR FEMALE WORKFORCES - Women Entrepreneur India - By Manisha Reetesh Dhingra

WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS PAVING THE WAY FOR FEMALE WORKFORCES - Women Entrepreneur India - By Manisha Reetesh Dhingra

May 10, 2021

Sandeep Nair


The world today is changing for the better. With more and more female entrepreneurs entering the market and making a mark, not only is the existing business world moving towards a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem but multiple highly skilled and talented women are getting the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. The conventional patriarchal way of working is fading; though the process is slow, it has gradually encouraged the current workforce to work in a more comfortable and independent environment.

Especially the women entrepreneurs who are confidently taking the reigns of their new found empires into their hands are trying to ensure a secure and safe workplace for all employees. And, because these successful and brilliant women understand how difficult it is to sustain in an environment that is ready to degrade women as soon as they show some sign of weakness, female bosses today are ready to be the strong and concrete support behind the women in their organizations.

Because we know, every brick is important

Even today, the world is ready to undermine the talents and brilliance of women. Women entrepreneurs, however, understand the importance of independence because every brick is important to build a strong wall. Also, since most of them have gone through almost similar struggles, they understand the value of listening to new and unique ideas. This is where skillful leaders take command; they know that even silly or immature ideas can be morphed into something extraordinary with correct articulation and execution.

Besides, this culture encourages employees, especially women, to share their ideas in a more comfortable and open manner, thereby empowering them to speak up their mind. With the increasing number of women employees, several companies have also started providing better recreational and hygiene facilities. This is especially true in scenarios where women leaders are in higher positions because they understand that common things such as individual upgraded toilets, changing rooms, and even hygiene products,  are extremely vital for the women workforce.

Gupshup time, because sharing is healthier

There is a recent trend of women bosses encouraging Gupshup tea time at the start of the day, and more often than not, this little dose of caffeine and small conversations can result in brilliant ideas. Employees end up bonding over tea or caffeine and share words about their workload or even personal problems. This also pushes employees to start their day in a more relaxing and refreshing manner, resulting in better productivity during work hours.

Comfortable timings and a secure office environment

Nowadays, the security of women employees has become an integral part of the working environment. However, having a system in place is not sufficient. This is why women entrepreneurs have been working to create a safe environment for their female workforce, where they can work in a secure environment and talk about any topic. Similarly, sometimes employees, especially women, need flexible timings. Just because women have extra responsibilities to adhere to doesn’t mean they cannot be as fruitful as male employees; women juggle their personal and professional lives. This is why businesswomen are more willing to provide flexible timings to their women workforce.

 An empowered woman can do anything

Women entrepreneurs today aim to hire more and more female staff because they believe that women can become empowered only when they are self-reliant and financially independent. Also, today's female bosses understand the importance of marriage and maternity leaves, which is why they are far more amenable to accepting the request of paid leaves in case of such festivities or emergency.

Assisting employees to stay healthy

These present times have made everyone realize how important it is to do regular checkups. Moreover, it is important to take care of not only your physical health but mental health too. This is where women entrepreneurs are playing a vital role; these remarkable leaders are providing regular checkups for their workforce. And, by recognizing the efforts done by the employees, the female bosses are boosting the morale of the employees too.

In the end...

It is essential to understand that the conventional and stereotypical notions about women being only "Ghar Ki Lakshmi" is absolutely false. Women are much more than just someone who simply needs to look after the household and other family members, playing the role of caretaker.  However, even after proving their mettle, it has always been difficult for female employees to get their voices heard up until recently. But today, with an increasing number of women entrepreneurs successfully running their own kingdom, several previously unheard of opportunities have unlocked for women. These female bosses not only empathize with their women workforce but are also willing to provide them full assistance. This is how we, as women, will grow together and reach new heights.